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With season two of this masterpiece approaching, we wanted to take business into our own hands and make a coin that takes the hype of the series to the cryptoverse! Grab a bag and take a look at our awesome Witcherpunks collection, available to trade soon! Why not get your favourite character framed in a timeless pixelated piece of art? 


To make sure you are rewarded for holding, we included a staking feature that lets you put your WitcherVerse tokens in the vault to earn some good interest on them. We decided this option is way more attractive than a low percentage of reflections that other tokens offer. 

Contract: 0xd2f71875d66188f96badbf98a5f020894209e34b


Total Supply:

2% Liquidity injection
5 % Marketing and Development
3 % Buyback/Staking

About us

We founded our team some time ago and handpicked people we knew from trading and from known telegram groups. This way we built a strong team with some experienced people in the space to have a strong foundation for what we have planned. All of us are huge fans of the Witcher series, games and books and we want to do it justice in the cryptospace as well!


Our team promises to be as transparent through the course of the project as possible. We want to incorporate YOU into the progress of the token, the NFTs and our future development. This is the only way to build trust and establish a good community to grow with.

Trading our coins should feel good for everyone, you never have to worry about any liquidity issues, contract mistakes or minting functions in the contract with our coins! This is why our contract has an audit and we have a KYC badge on Dxsale. No one should be scared of losing their funds in our token!



Phase 1
- Presale on DxSale with a mighty hardcap of 150 BNB - All out Marketingcampaign, preplaned already including Twitter, Reddit & Telegram - All kinds of Videos, Stickers, Memes & Gifs to make this thing go viral - CG and CMC listing as fast as possible
Phase 2
- Growing the community and spreading the word for this unique project - Minting of special edition NFTs Opening the mint-marketplace for NFT trading and minting of all rarities (rare, unique, epic, legendary NFTs) - Staking included, allowing for passive income
Future plans
Further plans will include an 8-bit-game of our favourite anti-hero geralt where you can earn some of our tokens, but we will announce detailed plans in our telegram for that! Check it out to always be up to date.

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